Assurant Health Access - Fundamentals Plan

IT'S VALUE PLUS! Get in network access at a discount!

See PLAN COMPARISONS with Assurant Health Access!

This plan includes everything in the Value plan. In addtion, It pays for doctor visits, prescriptions and hospital expenses for sicknesses and preventive care. Here's the bottom line:

  • Cash benefits for prescriptions
  • Two more office visits per year
  • Increased benefits for unexpected illnesses and injuries
  • Save 40% in network
  • Save 30-40% on prescriptions
  • Save on office visits
  • You pay no deductible, and benefits start right away.


See BROCHURE on Assurant Health Access!

As it is now, you always have to pay up front before the plan does. Your copays and deductibles have to be covered before you insurance plan pays for anything. Well NOW you have a NEW OPTION! You plan will pay RIGHT AWAY! How? Assurant Health Access pays plan benefits immediately for doctor office visits, hospital stays and prescriptions. And you do simply with your Assurant ID card! Yeah but does it save you any money? You better believe it!

• SAVE 40% IN NETWORK! That's on average when using Assurant Multiplan. With access to over 600,000 professional, Multiplan is the largest network in the country. And what's even better is that even if you exceed your plan limit, the network discounts still apply!

• SAVE 30-40% ON PRESCRIPTIONS...when you use your Medco card. And as expensive as labs are, you can save up to 60% on outpatient lab services.

• SAVE ON OFFICE VISITS...with copays as low as $65 per visit and that includes lab work!

Assurant GA Health Insurance

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